This project was in collaboration with Pin Head who designs and sells amazing enamel pins ranging from local businesses to cultural icons, all while balancing a degree course at university.

I love having creative friends, and she reached out to me to do a public art mural in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle to promote her latest pin badges of Zig and Zag. I’m not the biggest fan of sorting out the red-tape for painting on other people’s walls or public property, but luckily this was taken care of so I could concentrate on preparing the stencils and painting it.

As I was still working on another project at the time, this had to be when we were both free and the weather permitted. Luckily this fell on my birthday!

A bit of wall preparation, peeling the remains of some very old paste-ups, and we were ready to go. I really wanted to retain some of the other tags that were on the wall, and the stencil fit quite nicely between them. The CAMEL tag coming out of the top left fits in really well, and I’m all about respecting other artists and writers in the scene.

Everything went smoothly for it, aside from a few snow flurries. Momentary panic when the garage owner popped down… I think I enjoy painting public walls a bit more than internal spaces, having people come over and chat while I’m taking a break. Although the “Are you Banksy?” questions are getting old now.

This is one of my most Instagrammed pieces of street art, and aside from a bit of tampering which has now been fixed, it’s still going strong.

Since that top photo was taken, Zig has a Zag pin, and Zag has a Zig pin. Little details like that make me really happy.