This project was a feature wall in a new plant and homewares shop The Violet Palm, and the first time I got to properly collaborate with my good friend Harry Mytton, a signwriter based in Liverpool.

We came up with the idea of doing a ‘frame’ of different leaves, based on the owner’s favourite palms and the plants she was going to be selling in the shop.

The leaves are stencilled on in two layers; one for the background and another for the smaller details. Instead of painting them in solid blocks of colour, I used the Montana Gold spraypaints to give an effect somewhere between realistic and watercolours, using the stencils to give a nice clean edge and keep everything in proportion – a style that I’d like to do a bit more with.

Because the shop is based in The Rows there wasn’t much room for outside signage, apart from a few leaves next to the doors and windows, so Harry painted the shop name big enough to see from the window and through the building. It also provides a great focal point for customers’ photographs and often pops up on Instagram!

I particularly love how this mural has ‘settled in’ to the shop, and almost seamlessly blends from the wall into the furniture and cushions in front of it.