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While you’re preparing for Upfest, I thought now would be a good time to tell you about my screenprinting services.

Art Prints

There are so many options out there for art prints now, but there is something special about screenprints; that they are printed by hand, the texture of the ink on top of the paper, the tiny differences between each print, inky fingerprints on the back, and the option for the artist to hand finish each one with paint or gold leaf. These are all reasons why you can charge more than a giclee print (basically a giant inkjet printer) and why there is an increasing collector’s market.

We might need to tweak your designs slightly to get the best result, but I promise it will be something you will be happy with. I have had my screenprints in exhibitions and galleries across the country, and your work will be the same quality as mine. You’re in safe hands.

It’s hard to give an accurate quote without seeing your design, but as an example:

Single colour print on A4 card, edition of 40 would be around £60

4 colour print on A2 paper, edition of 20 would be around £180

(Backing card and cellophane wrapped optional extras)

Upfest requires all artwork to be delivered by Friday 7th July

Gang Run of Stickers

Everyone loves stickers, right? I also offer 1 and 2 layer screenprints on self adhesive vinyl, which are then kiss-cut. Perfect selling as merchandise through the organisers or handing out to public and other artists. Not only do you get your own designs on clear and coloured backgrounds, I’ll also chuck in some designs from the other artists on the run. Not that I would ever condone slapping them on street signs or lamp-posts, but I bet they’d stick really well…

£20 to get involved, to receive minimum of 40 stickers of your own design plus extras from other artists involved.

The deadline to get involved with this print run will be Monday 5th June.

If you’d like to get involved, or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at davidandrewsxyz@gmail.com