This was a fun project, and probably the one I see most online.
I think it’s also the only one where I’ve been painting someone else’s designs.

Unpretty is a 100% cruelty-free beauty salon set up by wife and wife team Carrie Jones and Alyx Steele;
absolute girl bosses who have an incredible portfolio of working in the TV, music and fashion industries.

I was contacted through a mutual friend to create a spraypainted tropical feature wall mural, along with some complementary vinyls. The branding had already been sorted by another freelance designer, so I was given a guideline with some elements to use however I felt. As the elements had to be pretty accurate, and I was also working on another project for Liverpool FC at the time, I took the easy way out and used a laser cutter for the stencils. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to accurately recreate the halftone and dash patterns without that!

Maybe my favourite part of this was matching the Montana Gold spray paints to Unpretty’s colour scheme, and the fact Montana have such a wide range is why I use them on every project.

Love seeing this mural pop up on their Instagram feed.