A couple of weeks ago, Matt PealingĀ posted some stuff from inside his sketchbook, then nominated myself and Lyndsey Yates to do the same using #SketchbookNomination

If you’re reading this and you’re not a designer, think of it as me scanning in pages of my diary. They include rough designs, notes, stickers, and all sorts of doodles while I’m meant to be concentrating on a talk or presentation. This is where I can try out different styles of illustration or watercolours, and I fully appreciate I wouldn’t get any work if these were shown out of context!

The really exciting thing is going back and looking at the stuff that actually made it into final pieces. There are some pages of poetry there which I self-published, some doodles that made it into books, some paintings I did while on holiday that I printed onto my own postcards, some designs that I usedĀ for my first proper screenprint and a rough draft for my favourite poster design.

If you enjoy peeking into my ‘diary’ you should check out the Mortified podcast where people get up on stage and read their childhood writings. Thames & Hudson also published “Inside the Sketchbooks of the World’s Great Graphic Designers” – Maybe the next edition…