When I saw the opportunity to paint some crazy surfaces in a junkyard, organised by UrbanArtistry, I jumped at the chance.

Having exhausted the options of Muse’s Simulation Theory videos, I looked into films which had a similar visual style, and settled on doing a piece based on Blade Runner 2049. The whole film is stunning, but there is a stand-out scene where Joi, a holographic woman, is speaking to Officer K.

Something that I particularly enjoyed on this one was painting more neon signs, in this case, the sign from the White Dragon noodle bar in the original Blade Runner.

I found that the my latest 3 paintings, I have taken the same set of Montana Gold cans to each location; Purples, Blues and Pinks (with the odd Orange thrown in for good measure) and while I quite like it, I’m looking forward to switching up to a new palette next year.

Although I’ve just seen Muse’s latest video for Algorithm which has got some lovely visuals!

Photo by Charles Daxon