I was invited to take part in Contrast Mural Fest run by Zap Graffiti in Liverpool.

This was a great event for the city, as the work didn’t go over any existing street art and opened up some opportunities to paint on new walls, particularly around the Baltic Triangle and the Fabric District which is currently undergoing a lot of redevelopment.

I was given a couple of boards to paint outside YHA Youth Hostel along Wapping; a major route in and out of the city. I painted the Mongolian Eagle Hunter first, just after seeing some images on Google which I thought looked pretty cool. Then I rush painted the image above, which ended up looking a bit too similar to one of Liverpool’s other artists’ work, so I painted straight back over it after taking the photo. Luckily, I was preparing for Artwaves Festival¬†around the same time, so already had the stencil of the Blue Footed Booby I painted over it.

After seeing Akse19’s post about their piece from Contrast on Google Street View, I took a bit of a tour revisiting some of my other work too, and was pleased to see these still up outside.