Last year I was accepted into the pool of freelancers at Burnley Youth Theatre. I originally applied to get into designing and painting sets with the young people, but as I got to find out more about the organisation, I found out how important it is to the community, even outside of the traditional theatre work.

I was contacted by Laura who said she was running a week of summer workshops at Burnley Mechanics and asked if I wanted to run a day of spraypainting classes. I would be working with children aged between 7-11 which was younger than I’ve taught before, so I decided to base the day around abstract shapes.

After playing some introduction games, I asked the children to draw very simple shapes and think about which colours they’d like to paint with, then I cut the stencils out over lunch.

Everyone got to paint their background whichever colour(s) they liked, and while they were drying, went back to Laura to play some games. I then got the children in smaller groups to come back and think about which shapes and colours would work well over their base coats before spraypainting them using the stencils.

“The exhibition went fantastic on the Friday of that week and the art work that you created with them were a real feature.” Laura from Burnley Youth Theatre