Unpretty Makeup World

This was a fun project, and probably the one I see most online. I think it’s also the only one where I’ve been painting someone else’s designs. Unpretty is a 100% cruelty-free beauty salon set up by wife and wife team Carrie Jones and Alyx Steele; absolute girl bosses who have an incredible portfolio of […]

Bring The Paint

After being accepted to paint at Bring The Paint festival in Leicester, I had a last minute panic on what to paint (as per usual!) This piece was influenced by Hack Back CIC and the amazing work that they do for adults with learning disabilities and mental health conditions. After the festival, I was invited to run […]

Sgt Pepper at 50

I was so high on paint fumes that I have no idea where this photo came from. Sorry! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, Liverpool BID commissioned a series of 13 themed events around the city, one for each track on the album. For the track theme Good Morning Good […]

Upfest Screenprints & Stickers

Hey, if you’ve been directed from Instagram and want to check my whole site, just click here While you’re preparing for Upfest, I thought now would be a good time to tell you about my screenprinting services. Art Prints There are so many options out there for art prints now, but there is something special about […]

Kino Kabaret

Kino Kabaret is a worldwide film-making movement where independent movies are produced, directed, filmed and edited at the festival then shown on a cinema screen, and it was Liverpool’s turn to host it 19th-21st February 2017. On Sunday morning, 12 people pitched ideas for films and I chose to spend a majority of my time at […]

Alder Hey Childrens Hospital

A while ago, I was sent an email saying that dot-art were looking for an artist to develop a mural for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, which would add some colour and energy to the space. I put together an expression of interest for them, and because I had experience of working with children and producing murals […]


Hi folks, thanks for checking this out! For this huge favour, you’ll need a pen and paper. Got them? Good. As I’ve been staring at this project for way too long, I could do with some other opinions. I need to narrow these 30 abstract designs down to 13 for a project. There are no […]


This is my first abstract project that I have done, and responds to a brief to create a series of artworks for two large corridors in an office building. The client was interested in either work that reflects the building itself or abstract work, with colour being very important either way. I was sent a […]